The Paleo Cardiologist: How To Avoid Toxins at Home and Spices That Heal

The Paleo Cardiologist: How To Avoid Toxins at Home and Spices That Heal

Dr. Jack Wolfson is The Paleo Cardiologist.

A board certified cardiologist frustrated with “the system”, Dr. Wolfson is on a mission to “awaken the world to wellness” through a return to our ancestral vitality.

Get ready to see how modern dietary habits and exposure to environmental toxins are the root cause of most health issues and what you can do to prevent it so you can reclaim your health.

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The Paleo Cardiologist, Dr. Jack Wolfson

Dr. Jack Wolfson wants our modern world to wake up, take control of our lives and reclaim our health and wellness.

If you’re here at Optimal Performance and following Natural Stacks, you’re probably saying, “Amen!”. Finally, a board certified doctor ditching the pill, procedure, and treatment of symptoms – not causes – system in favor of lifestyle changes that lead to optimal health and rich life experiences.

Yeah, we’re saying that too.

That’s exactly what you’ll hear on this episode of the OPP with Dr. Jack Wolfson.

Learn how environmental toxins are everywhere in our homes – from perfumes and air fresheners, to soaps and laundry detergents, to carpets and mattresses. Dr. Wolfson has your plan to reduce your exposure to these health and hormone disruptors.

Learn how spices are like “little pharmacies” and why you should be stocking up on capers, rosemary, oregano, thyme, sesame seeds, onions, garlic, celery, and more.

Click play below and enjoy Dr. Wolfson’s wisdom.

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What you’ll hear from Dr. Jack Wolfson on the OPP:

  • Becoming “the paleo cardiologist” and “awakening the world to wellness”
  • How this Cardiologist’s frustrations with modern medicine led him to a better way to practice medicine
  • How poor nutrition and environmental toxins are the root cause of most health issues
  • The power of the sun, why Vitamin D supplements may not be enough and what you need to be eating (organ meats and eggs) to ensure optimal levels of this crucial vitamin/hormone
  • 3 things to clarify about the Paleo movement
  • Learn the top spices to keep in your kitchen for optimal cardiac and overall health
  • Capers = more quercetin than any other food (even apples) and how quercetin boosts CoQ10
  • Why you should be taking 2 tsp of beet root powder every day
  • Mouth bacteria – why you might actually want MORE of it (stop using Listerine & Scope)
  • The Paleo Cardiologist’s prescription for physical fitness – marathon runner has more coronary artery disease than age-matched controls…what’s going on there?
  • Why your coffee needs to be organic
  • The specific gene to look for on your “23 & Me” test to to determine how much coffee you should drink – and whether it’s good for your or not
  • Why this cardiologist ONLY eats organic foods
  • Environmental toxins in your home: cologne & perfume, clothes, laundry detergents, bedding materials, furniture, carpet, and air fresheners = chemical bombs
  • The biochemistry of gluten, gliadin, and wheat antibodies
  • Where you can find more of Dr. Jack Wolfson
  • Dr. Wolfson’s Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal

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