Benefits Of Saunas: Saunas Improve Recovery, Lower Lipid Profiles

The benefits of saunas include improved recovery, enhanced power output, improved health markers such lipid panels and much more. Here’s a look at some of the latest research on saunas and how to use them so you can optimize your health and performance.

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Tips For Cold and Flu Season: How To Optimize Your Immune System

Natural Immune Boosters

Cold and flu season are coming. So are the holidays. Colder weather and seasonal gatherings will put people – and germs – in closer quarters just as they do every fall and winter. Here’s how to boost your immune system, reduce stress, and increase energy naturally so you can fight off this cold and flu season.

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Biohacking For Beginners: Top 7 Tips From Best Biohackers

BioHacking For Beginners

The actual word “biohacking” may be a new craze, fad, niche…whatever you want to call it – but the idea of squeezing every ounce of potential out of our bodies and minds is as old as humanity itself. We might as well call the cavemen who invented tools, weapons and fire the first “biohackers”.

At Natural Stacks, we define the term “biohacking” as any specific, conscious action undertaken with the intent to elicit an outcome better than would have happened under “normal” or other circumstances. 

If you head to your favorite coffee shop and manipulate your surroundings for better focus or productivity, you’re hacking productivity and focus.

If you use progressive overload to trick your body into lifting heavier objects, you’re bodybuilding – and hacking your biology.

If you use supplements or take special pre & post workout drinks, you’re “hacking” – or at least OPTIMIZING – what we know about our biology. 

We asked some of the top biohackers in the world for their best tips on biohacking for beginners. Here are the Top 7 Tips from some of the world’s leading biohackers:

Increase Immunity, Bloodflow & Decompress Your Spine with INVERSION

Inversion – getting upside down – can do wonders for our health. From decompressing the spine, flushing the lymph system, boosting bloodflow and immunity, to postural and flexibility improvements, there is more to inversion than most people know.

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Hack Stress & Fat Loss with Daily Contrast Showers

Cold thermogenesis has more benefits than we can list right here. That’s why we wrote THIS BLOG about it. Fitness celebrity and biohacker extraordinaire Ben Greenfield gives us this simple tip to help us reap the benefits in 5 minutes a day…

Hack your stress resiliencY & fat loss daily w- hot-cold contrast showers- alternate 20 sec cold & 10 secs hot for 5 minutes

Find more from Ben Greenfield on his website at:

Ground Yourself and INCREASE CALM & FOCUS With Natural Herbs

For thousands of years Chinese and Ayurvedic herbalists have used earth-grown nutrients to heal, strengthen and optimize the body. Natural Stacks Champion Crosby Tailor is a world-renowned herbalist and he’s got a great trick to bolster your daily coffee.

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Follow Crosby on Twitter & Instagram: @crosbytailor

Turn OFF The TV!

“My number one tip to a beginner biohacker would be to remove your TV from your house. I used to watch my favorite shows for at least two hours a day. Thats 14 hours a week and 56 hours a month that I could spend on getting in optimal mental and physical shape. And if you’re paying for cable it saves you money that you could be spending on the best nutrition to make your mind as clear as possible to search for and create your future.”

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Find Andy Hnilo at Alitura Naturals.

Consume Information in 1/2 The Time

If you listen to podcasts, watch YouTube videos, or “read” audio books, you can consume that information in 1/2 the time by setting the speed to 2X. TIP: Start at 1.5X and work your way up to 2X.

2X (1)

Get more of Lifestyle Entrepreneur Ryan Lee at his website Freedym 

Make Your Days LESS STRESSFUL by Prioritizing Your Schedule

“My #1 hack, lately, has been waking up early so I knock out cardio, breakfast and then I get artwork done. This makes my day a whole lot less-stressful. Getting these few things done early are important to me, so I can have the rest of the day to devote to a solid training session where I’m not worried about time. I’m able to prep meals and go to work knowing I have gotten so much achieved! At night, I use the Bulletproof sleep mat and take GABA. This way, I fall into a deep sleep very rapidly” so I’m rested and ready to do it all again the next day!

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Follow TheSamuelShaw – Artist, Wrestler and NPC Athlete on Instagram and Twitter.

Use Supplements to Detoxify Your Body and Optimize Function

Natasha Wiscombe, from Bulletproof explains, “I spend a lot of time on the road at conferences, dinners and the occasional drink so when I can’t eat the way I know my body functions best I’ll incorporate some upgraded coconut charcoal to help absorb some of the potentially toxic substances from my digestive tract. These things have saved me many a times and bar none is my favorite on-the-road supplement.
As a female I care a lot about the health of my skin and as a human being I care a lot about my gut health so I always carry around collagen to add to my hot morning beverage. It may look a little funny pulling out a bag of white powder and dumping it into my coffee so I’ve started using a fill-n-go funnel people typically use for protein powders – I can easily store at least a weeks worth of collagen in (perfect for work trips!). Collagen is a multi-tool of healing whether it be for your tissues, tendons, cartilage and gut – getting in this quality supplement first thing in the morning helps me check off at least one health box to set a positive tone for the day.”
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Natasha Wiscombe is Bulletproof Ambassador Manager. Get more at

Special thanks to our friends, colleagues and Natural Stacks Champions for their tips to help us optimize our days – and therefore, our lives!


Olympian Josh Binstock Shares His Natural Stacks Success Story

Olympic Games 2012, Beach Volleyball, Preliminary Round

Josh Binstock knows a thing or two about performing under pressure.  

Playing international volleyball since 2004, it wasn’t until 2011, with the 2012 London Olympics in sight that the 6’5” Canadian powerhouse sacrificed everything and fully committed to his Olympic dream. Knowing that he couldn’t afford to be stuck working when he could be training, Josh went on his first full professional tour after winning 2 straight Canadian National Championships in 2008 and 2009.

Besides being one of the top beach volleyball players on the entire planet, Josh is a licensed chiropractor, which came from his desire to help people even once his time on the court was over.

We got a chance to speak to Josh about his introduction to Natural Stacks, how it has helped him maintain top performance and what advice he has for anyone wanting to make sure they live optimally on and off the court.

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Supplementing BCAAs and Beta Alanine for Lean Muscle Mass and Maximum Strength Output

bodybuilder training gym

A common misconception by those making their first foray into the world of fitness is believing that all protein is created equal.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) have undergone a new surge in popularity amongst knowledgeable fitness-enthusiasts recently, and for good reason.

These protein subunits have been proven to have potent beneficial effects in the human body like:

  • Building lean muscle mass
  • Supporting fat loss
  • Protecting muscle against catabolism
  • Maximize strength output

But before I get carried away with the specifics, let me provide a little background on what BCAAs are.

Proteins, the building blocks of our muscle and the basis of all of the vital enzymes in our body, are made up of various subunits known as amino acids. You’re probably aware that some amino acids are ‘non-essential’, meaning that our body can synthesise these amino- acids from the proteins we eat.

Other amino acids can’t be formed in our body and need to be directly consumed, hence the term ‘essential amino acids’. But another important distinction to be aware of is the structure of amino acids; some are structured with branched chains (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) – and these particular amino acids are the focus of this discussion.

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