Why You Should Drink Cow Fat and Smear It On Your Skin

I drink cow fat and smear it on my skin every day.

It’s part of my “get optimized” morning routine.

The fat I drink was originally called “Activator X” and the topical stuff is “Stank Stop” and “Body Butter” – so yes, I’m literally drinking cow fat and smearing it all over my body.

But it’s not as weird or uncommon as you might think…

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The Paleo Cardiologist: How To Avoid Toxins at Home and Spices That Heal

Dr. Jack Wolfson is The Paleo Cardiologist.

A board certified cardiologist frustrated with “the system”, Dr. Wolfson is on a mission to “awaken the world to wellness” through a return to our ancestral vitality.

Get ready to see how modern dietary habits and exposure to environmental toxins are the root cause of most health issues and what you can do to prevent it so you can reclaim your health.

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Dr. Raleigh Duncan on Saunas, Healing, Detoxification, EMF

Dr. Raleigh Duncan knows saunas.

In fact, his innovations removed harmful EMF’s from sauna heaters and changed the entire industry.

Bottom line, if you’re looking for the truth about electromagnetic fields, healing with heat, whether near or far infrared saunas are better, or the benefits of saunas, Dr. Raleigh Duncan is your man.

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Grass-fed Farming Pioneer Joel Salatin on Passion, Integrity, Community and Growth

Joel Salatin may be the world’s most famous farmer.

Last month I spent a day with Joel Salatin at his world-famous Polyface Farm in Swoope, Virginia.

We busted some misleading myths perpetrated by the documentary Cowspiracy.

We talked about his farming principles that are changing the world.

And we dug into topics like passion, integrity, home-centric living, and perpetual growth that are central to Joel’s decades of growth and success.

You don’t want to miss this episode – it’s a side of the magnetic leader you’ve never seen.

Joel Polyface Dead Mouse

Joel’s cat brought us surprise during the recording.

Joel Salatin: Beyond Organic, Pioneer of Grass-fed & Polyculture Farming

Joel’s work to promote beyond low-infrastructure, beyond organic, symbiotic, grass-fed, polyculture ecosystems is changing farming, food, and people’s perception of farmers.

In this episode of the OPP, I visit Joel at his world famous Polyface Farm to spend a Saturday with a man who is changing the world.

While we did talk about farming and food, but you’re also going to hear a great deal about some recurring themes here on the OPP, including passion, integrity, self-evolution, growth, and community.

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Joel was previously on the podcast, and you can see that episode —> OPP #51 where he discusses farming policies and protocols in greater detail.

What you’ll hear from Joel Salatin on Episode 58 of the OPP:

  • Debunking the stats presented in Cowspiracy
  • A LIVE example of symbiosis and polyculture in action…one of Joel’s animals make a guest appearance
  • Despite overcrowding claims, we have fewer livestock on the planet than we did in ancestral times
  • Why you should never judge anything based on the worst possible example
  • How amphibians and bees are driving public policy
  • The connection between integrity and vibrant health
  • Joel’s 3-Part System to change your trajectory
  • “Home-centricity” – stop viewing your home as a pit-stop between activities, create the world you want around your home
  • The danger of being disconnected with nature
  • How mission statements and goals evolve as we mature
  • Joel’s tips and advice for continuing self-evolution (from farmer to industry-leader)
  • The 3 biggest lesson’s Joel has learned in his career
  • Don’t second guess your passion
  • Realize that you need a mentor, partner, or team to reach your goals – very few people succeed on their own
  • Never feel like you’ve “arrived” – Stay hungry, stay humble, and keep pushing for more
  • Where to find more of Joel
  • Joel’s favorite books (See OPP #51 for his Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal)

Some videos and photos from the Polyface Farm tour

Joel Salatin Pastured Poultry

Polyface Farm Free Range Chickens
Pasture Raised Chickens at Polyface Farms

Polyface Farm Turkeys
Pasture-Raised Turkeys (turkeys need more space than chickens)

Polyface Farm grassfed cows
Grass-Fed Beef: Nature uses herbivores to prune grasses. This is a crucial element in Joel’s farming model

Links & Resources:

Polyface Farms

Joel on Optimal Performance Podcast #51: The Surprising Truth About Agriculture and Money


Our Cowspiracy blog post with mind-blowing stats (A single 1/4 pound hamburger takes 660 gallons of water to produce – using the factory farming model)

Amphibian Studies as environmental indicators

2015 White House Pollinator Action Plan

Holistic Management Resource Model – Allan Savory

Allan’s TED Talk, How to fight desertification and reverse climate change:

Documentary Movies Featuring Joel &/or Polyface Farms:

Food Inc

Food Matters

Polyfaces: A World of Many Choices

Nature Deficit Disorder & other Books by Richard Louv

Joel’s Books:

7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Stephen Covey

Sir Albert Howard’s An Agricultural Testament

“It’s the temptation of every civilization to take what nature has created and turn it into cash”

“Artificial manures (chemicals & pesticides) grow artificial plants, that grow artificial animals, that create artificial humans who can only stay alive by taking artificials.”

What was your favorite part of this episode? Let us know in the comments below.

The Top 8 Predictive Biomarkers For Lifetime Health from Dr. Russell Jaffe

You’re proactive about your health.

You want to be in control of your destiny.

But what metrics and markers should you track to ensure you attain peak health?

With the numerous tests and quantifiable metrics for biohackers to track, it can get pretty confusing.

In this post, leading health expert Dr. Russell Jaffe simplifies health monitoring and presents us with the 8 Predictive Biomarkers we should be tracking.

What are predictive biomarkers, you ask?

Biomarkers = lab values that have meaning and can provide a snapshot of our current health status.

Predictive biomarkers = values around which we can guide therapies, or create plans to move us closer to optimal health.

Here’s a preview of the 8 predictive biomarkers we’ll discuss in this podcast:

Focusing on these 8 areas and keeping your values at the predictive goal value can be life-changing. As Dr. Jaffe says this is the best way to reduce all disease-related health risk and add years – even decades – to your life and equally important, add life to your years.”

Who is Dr. Russell Jaffe?

Dr. Russell Jaffe has more degrees and certifications than you want to read.

He’s a medical doctor who was trained at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and has spent his 40+ year career bringing integrative and functional medicine, nutrition, even acupuncture into the Western way of “sick-care” as we discuss on this episode.

He also plans to be dancing at 120 years old – so he practices what he preaches.

We caught up with Dr. Jaffe between keynote speeches at the Silicon Valley Health Institute and the Commonwealth Club in San Fransisco last week. He literally presented the same information you’re about to hear to other doctors and leading health experts from around the world.

What you’ll learn from Dr. Russell Jaffe on this episode of the Optimal Performance Podcast:

  • The message is: you can control and save your life – or you can put it in the hands of someone else…
  • Genetics = 8%; Epigenetics = 92% of the health that you experience; Epigentics = the lifestyle we live activates, turns on/off certain genes to
  • Predictive Biomarkers = those that have meaning and provides a value around which we can guide therapy
  • Test #1 = Insulin, blood sugar, carbohydrate metabolism = Hemoglobin A1C – measures extra sugar in our body
  • Test #2 = (High Sensitivity) C-Reactive Protein: all-cause morbidity indicator…
  • Test #3 = Homocysteine or HCy: Methylation, repair of blood vessels and cardiovascular health
  • Dr. Jaffe doesn’t care about your MTHFR gene – Clearing up the confusion on 23 & Me, Theranos, the industry buzzword “methylation” and the MTHFR gene
  • Test #4 = Lymphocyte & Immune Tolerance – what environmental compounds can you tolerate without stressing digestion, sleep, mood, cognition, and performance …Basically an ALCAT test on steroids
  • Test #5 = The pH of our first morning urination: Measuring mineral status and cellular metabolic acidosis – the batteries inside the cell for cellular energy
  • Test #6 = Vitamin D (25-HydroxyD): how this “neurohormone” functions in cellular cross-talk and plays a major role in mitigating cellular mutations (Cancer)
  • Rate limiting substrates – or the weak link in your chain
  • Test #7 = The Omega-3:Omega-6 Ratio
  • Test #8 = Oxidative Damage from environmental toxins: How 8-Oxo-Guanine measures exposure to the VOC’s, POPs (hormone disruptors), mold, radiation, chemicals, pesticides, and other landmines from the 21st century
  • The Goldilocks value…not too low, not too high – JUST RIGHT! Knowing the optimal value you want for each of these 8 biomarkers AND how to get there
  • “Eat like a peasant, feel like a King. Eat like a King, die young and suffer.” Old English aphorism
  • How consumers drive change and transition
  • Biodynamic farming and “super organic” plants that produce 2X the
  • Inflammation = repair deficit (physiological term that we are failing to return to baseline)
  • Health Food Superstars “GGOBSE”: Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Brassica, Sprouts, and Eggs
  • “Goal value is to be tolerant to everything. Healthy people are tolerant.”
  • Why Italians laugh at your yellow Olive Oil
  • Addressing oxidative stress with the Vitamin C (ascorbate) cleanse to determine oxidative damage and the link between Vitamin C and auto-immune diseases
  • Where you can find Dr. Russell Jaffe and get more of his work
  • Dr. Jaffe’s Top 3 Tips to #LiveOptimal
  • “Live in harmony with your nature.” (This requires that you know your nature. If you can discover your nature and live in harmony with, THAT is the secret to happiness. Otherwise it is going to fight with you.)

Links & Resources

Dr. Russell Jaffe’s Website

More videos from Dr. Jaffe

Better Lab Tests Now Website

PERQUE Integrative Health: www.PERQUE.com

ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies: www.ELISAACT.com

Toll Free Numbers to find certified Physicians in your area:

  • 1-800-553-5472 (PERQUE Integrative Health)
  • 1-800-525-7372 (ELISAACT)

pH test Kit ($11)

Sugar intake in 1822 = 6.3 pounds per year per person.

Sugar intake in 2005 = 107.7 lbs per year per person.

Source: Stephen Guyenet

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How Hemoglobin A1c Predicts 10-Year Survival