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OPP 019: Crosby Tailor on Chinese Herbs & Healthy Desserts

TOP 5 HERBS to #liveoptimal (4)

Health coach and lifestyle educator Crosby Tailor is our guest on the Optimal Performance Podcast this week and he’s dropping knowledge on Chinese herbal medicine, healthy deserts, mindfulness, and how he became the “Cookie Genius”.

Crosby Tailor wears many hats – from former college football player to Bulletproof Ambassador, to LA model and healthy desert chef – the guy can do it all! Enjoy this one:


What You’ll Hear From Crosby Tailor in this Episode:

  • Fact Of The Day: From 1950-1973 under the codename MK ULTRA, the CIA conducted human experiments with psychedelics, hallucinogens and more!
  • How Crosby Tailor went from college football player to New York City model to LA-based Chinese herbalist
  • Why Rhodiola Rosea is one of Crosby Tailor’s favorite herbs and what it can do for you!
  • The 7 Chakra’s  – what they are and how to “unblock” yours for optimal performance
  • How Kundalini Yoga can help you increase self-awareness, improve clarity, focus and performance.
  • Crosby’s Top 5 Herbs: Rehmannia, Dendrobrium, Deer Antler, Ashwaganda, Chaga.
  • Psychedelics, introspection and self-awareness journeys with Iboga & Ayahuasca
  • Eating cookies, ice cream and other deserts – while healing your gut and burning fat.
  • Coming soon…Crosby’s Cookie and desserts as a dry mix for YOUR kitchen!
  • Catch Crosby on The Food Network’s CHOPPED! (10/15/15)
  • Where to get more of Crosby Tailor
  • Crosby Tailor’s Top 3 Tips to #liveoptimal

Get More Of Crosby Tailor

Website Eat Dessert Burn Fat



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